Patatas bravas

I went to Rioja with 6 friends for a birthday. This was particularly painful as they were all drinking wine and they have what looks like a great cocktail menu. Damn dryathlon! Only one more week to go!

This is a lovely little tapas restaurant which has a funky decor and welcoming atmosphere. We decided to all share everything and ordered in two batches otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to fit it all on the table. The staff were very friendly but did find it hard to hide that they were a little frustrated at the fact we took ages to figure out what we were going to order and also to pay. Largely because we were also spending time catching up.

I have decided to not go through each item in detail as it would be boring as we ordered so many things. The chorizo was

Bull burger and chicken lollipops

particularly yummy and we ordered three helpings of them in total, as was the black pudding parcel with apple. The pigs cheeks were absolutely divine! So rich and with the texture of succulent pulled pork and a delicious parsnip mash which complimented its richness with some sweetness. I have had these when I have ordered delivery from them before and they have been a little variable in the past. Also worth a special mention was the oxtail with strawberries which was unusual but worked well.

On the lower end of the spectrum was the paella which was bland and lacked paprika yumminess, also the chicken wing lollipops were a little dry. Finally I decided to have churros for dessert. The churros themselves were nice but the chocolate sauce was burnt and not very chocolaty making for a disappointing desert.

Tortilla, oxtail and strawberries

I normally expect there to be a few things I’m not that fussed on when I go for tapas. On the whole the meal was delicious and we all had a brilliant time. I am looking forward to the chance to go again and have one of their cocktails! We had 21 dishes plus drinks between 6 and it cost me who wasn’t drinking alcohol £33. Their dishes start at £3.90 and go to £8.50 at the most expensive and they were all big enough for 6 of us to have a taste of each.

Verdict- would recommend for a great laugh with friends in a place with a good funky atmosphere.

Pigs cheeks
Pigs cheeks

N.B Apologies for the quality of the pics, it is dark in the restaurant and I didn’t want to be conspicuous and use a flash and was also getting abuse from my friends for taking pictures and trying to get in before they trashed the plates.

Cheese board, meat platter, black pudding parcels, bruschetta
Cheese board, meat platter, black pudding parcels, bruschetta
Mussels and meat platter
Mussels and meat platter

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