GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen)


I went here in late September with Ali, one of my friends from work. We were squeezing in some munch prior to going to see Everest. The film was brilliant BTW, but do not go and see if you ever want to go walking up a mountain in the cold!! Never, ever going to try and climb Everest after watching that!

Now, on to the food……

Now I normally prefer to go to a different burger joint on St Vincent Street’s burger row (yet to be reviewed on here). So I am a GBK virgin. It came highly recommended by Ali, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I went for the Taxidriver (£9.95) a beef burger with brioche bun, cheese, cajun relish, chilli mayo, pickle and salad. Ali got skinny rosemary fries (£2.95) and I got the sweet potato fries with the baconaise (£3.95) and the Homeslaw (£3) as a nod to being slightly healthy and towards my 5 (or is that supposed to be 7 now) a day.


The burger was good. Juicy and nicely cooked and the relish really complimented the meat. Both the sweet potato and the skinny fries were nice. I much preferred my choice of the sweet potato fries with the baconaise though. I adore sweet potato fries. The hint of sweetness mixed with their crispy exterior and they melt in your mouth! Nom!! The slaw, as you can see was very healthy with only a slight dressing on it. Which was tasty and fit for my nod to being healthy, but if you were looking for some creamy naughtiness then this wouldn’t be for you.

Although I thought that this place was a good burger place, a million miles away from McDonalds or Burger King. I can’t give it my highest recommendation as there is a place just over the road that I remember telling people “I have spent thousands on a dinner at the Fat Duck but the burger I had was better than any of the courses there.”

So, GBK you get….would recommend




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