The Shandon Belles

The night after the trip with the parentals to the Tiki we went to the Shandon Belles at the Buttery, this was late October. It’s the bistro downstairs from the Two Fat Ladies. We had their set menu 2 courses for £16 and 3 for £19. Bargain! A more upmarket place than the Tiki so in spite of similar pricing we were expecting a little more for our money.

I started off the proceedings with a prosecco Kir Royale, a great start to any night out and you can’t really do it badly. I went for the creamed chicken liver paté, Arran oatcakes with cumberland sauce, and I have to admit I needed to look that up (it’s a type of redcurrant sauce). My dad had the polenta with pesto and beetroot and my mum had deep fried mozzarella with tomato and basil dip. They both seemed happy with their choices and I was certainly happy with mine. There was tonnes of paté, but it was actually really light and more like a mousse. Where I would normally have left some I finished off the lot. The cumberland sauce, which I’m not sure I have had before was sweet and went really well with the pate and different to the normal chutney you get with paté as a starter.


For my main I had grilled coley with spring onion mash and a chilli and coriander dressing. I was a little nervous about the dressing as it can be easy to overpower the fish but that was not the case at all, it was a hint of sweetness and a little kick to the flavours of the fish and the mash. The fish was really moist and just melted apart on the plate. My parents went for the butternut squash and pea risotto and the meat of the day which was steak. They were both thoroughly happy with their meals and had no complaints and were pleasantly stuffed. Well, they did have room for a few cocktails in Finnieston after.

I had some pudding, as I am a glutton. I had the dark chocolate and strawberry roulade with chocolate sauce. It was a nice chocolaty end to the meal but wasn’t really a “write home about” pudding. It also included a small dated addition which bugs me when I see it, throwing in a cape gooseberry cos they look kinda pretty but doesn’t really add anything to the dish.

Dark chocolate and strawberry roulade

The presentation of the dishes was a little less fancy than you might expect from the sister restaurant upstairs but that’s a minor quibble. I think what you need to remember as a diner is this place sells itself on being simpler, which is, therefore, reflected in the price and the presentation of the food. But it was certainly yummy!

I actually think this place sells itself short and that they could charge a lot more for their meals. But I also think that it’s brilliant that you can get almost two fat ladies standard food for what is a really cheap set menu anywhere. Maybe it’s because of the location, its down the end of Argyle street by the M8 and Anderston station and so not really in the thick of the restaurant and bar action, not really in the city centre and also not really in Finnieston.

So the verdict is- would recommend. I think it shows I thought it was good value for the quality of the food as I hugely plugged it for our christmas night out and it won. So will be back soon. Watch this space!

Foodie xx


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