Tantrum Doughnuts


I have been itching to try tantrum doughnuts ever since my cousin posted a picture of them on Facebook. They looked amazing and she sure did rave about them. Due to my stupid shifts it was difficult to get down for a while. After all the waiting I ended up going twice in two weeks and this is a review of both visits. I ended up trying 8 of their doughnut flavours on offer, much to the detriment of my waistline. The only one that was on offer today that I haven’t tried was their plain sugar glazed ring. But I’m sure I will get to that in the future.

tantrum 3

OK, let’s start with the ring doughnuts, the gorgeous pistachio and hibiscus was amazing. Really pretty to look at with the white sugar glaze with the pink swirls and green pistachio chunks. It also had great textures with the soft doughnut, crisp sugar glaze and the chucky nuts. It also tasted wonderful. Sweet and slightly tart with the hibiscus. Yum yum! I am putting this one down as my joint favourite.

Pistachio and hibiscus

The other ring doughnut I tried was the Mexican hot chocolate. This sadly was my least favourite, but I guess one had to be. I was just not really to my taste. Smothered in dark chocolate with a hint of spice and sprinkled with desiccated coconut (which I’m not a fan of). The doughnut itself also seemed maybe a little dry. I actually ended up binning a bit of it, largely as I was weighing up the calories for something I wasn’t enjoying but it pains me because I hate waste of any description. I do however think this is the kind of doughnut that would be loved by those out there that have less of a sweet tooth than me. I think it is the kind of thing my dad would love for example. He describes himself as “sweet enough already.” I can see your eyes rolling.

Mexican hot chocolate

Now on to the big guns. The filled doughnuts. I tried both of the creme brûlée offerings. There was normal and pistachio. Now the standard creme brûlée was yummy, but was little too brûlée for me. I am being a little harsh cos it was lovely with the crisp caramel sugar topping and the creamy custard it was gorgeous but I’m only saying that to compare it to the pistachio one. The pistachio custard was something to behold! Loved it! LOVED.

Then there was the chocolate and hazelnut. The doughnut was coated in sugar and cinnamon. Sweet, spicy yumminess. The chocolate hazelnut filling was light and creamy. I expected something thicker like Nutella but this was more like chocolate/hazelnut dulce de leche. I was really nice, but not quite intense enough somehow to make it into my favourites.

Chocolate and hazelnut

The traditional standard jam filled doughnut was a  little dry, the jam in the centre was absolutely delicious and full of fruit. I wonder whether it and the mexican hot chocolate were less popular flavours and not as fresh as the others making the dough a little on the dry side?

Next is the PB & J (peanut butter and jelly) a classic combination. The same fruit packed jam as the normal jam filled. You needed to get a bit of both the peanut butter and the jelly in one mouthful so the sweet jelly and more powerful savoury peanut butter explode on your tongue together. Delicious.

tantrum 4

Now for the other joint favourite Blueberry cheesecake. Blueberry jam, packed with berries, not too sweet. Perfectly balanced with the sweet cream cheese frosting and crumble pieces. I could have eaten four of them.


Cannot wait to go back again when there are some new flavours to get stuck in to. This place may be lethal for my diet as it’s walking distance from my flat. I guess I should be thankful for the stupid shifts to keep me away.I forgot to write down the cost of each but it was between £8-9 for a box of 4 doughnuts. They also are a cafe and serve coffee and shakes etc if you want to sit in.

Foodie xx

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