Glasgow Science Centre


The day after our good food trip my mum, sister and I went to the Glasgow Science Centre accompanied by my nephew aged 3. I am mainly writing about our visit because we were so impressed. I have wanted to visit there for ages but felt like I needed to have a child to take and until now my nephew has been too small.

I wasn’t sure what to expect compared to the Manchester and London science museums that also have interactive areas. I always loved the Manchester museums interactive floor as a kid and an adult but a trip to the London science museum 2 years ago was really disappointing. Nothing worked and there weren’t really any interactive experiments.

We arrived and got our tickets £11 for adults and £9 for children with the little one only missing out on free entry by 2 months. Not cheap if you are a family of 5 but their year passes are very reasonable if you live in the area (£27 adult and £21 child) I was a gorgeous sunny day but sadly the “nasty wind” that my nephew had informed me he had been trying to scare away on my patio that morning was still around and we were told the tower was closed. Gutted. Another time.

We were starving when we arrived as we had spent the morning visiting my gran and not had lunch. We were expecting the usual museum cafe rubbish. Possibly at best some nice sarnies, which were available, but we wanted decided to go for hot food and share a pizza between the adults and got some chicken goujons for the monster.

Science centre 2
Children’s Meal

We were really really impressed at the quality of the food. We also had a good nosey at the hot food other people were eating and it looked equally high quality with the fish and chips looking particularly good. Our mushroom and parma ham pizza (£6.25) was thin and crispy and delicious with a lovely drizzle of pesto. The chicken goujons (£4) were effectively two battered chicken mini fillets and they were perfectly cooked with some equally well cooked chips. No processed instant nuggets and chips here! There was also a bonus pot of baked beans which I stole as he didn’t want them. Would highly recommend stopping here for a bite to eat during your trip.

Science centre 3

We didn’t pay for the planetarium as we felt that three was a little young to appreciate it but went round all three of the “science mall” floors. The whole place is teeming with interactive activities, explaining all aspects of science. Floor 1 also has a big pirate ship play area which my nephew loved. His favourite part of the while visit he said was “building” which I presume was with the crane and foam bricks on the ship.

Floor 2 had tonnes of interactive physics experiments but focusing on quantum physics and how we are going to provide power in the future. This was fun for all ages, interesting for us adults to interact with and for my nephew it was on overwhelming room full of buttons, pulleys, flaps, and cranks that he was allowed to mess with. Toddler heaven. Although I think the science educational opportunities are more for 6+.

Science centre 4
A foodie imprint

The top floor was the absolute best in my opinion. As someone who has dedicated her career to understanding how the human body works and fixing it I loved the “body works” floor. So did the family. You could learn about anatomy and medicine without even realising it. Test how strong, fast, skilled you are and keep a record of how you did. Such great fun. Who can sprint the quickest? Who can hang the longest? Fancy a giant game of operation? Could have spent hours here. My only quibble was that there didn’t seem to be anything to do in the lap trainer (laparoscopic surgery simulation) other than one solitary brick that was out of the reach of all the graspers. Maybe it just needed set up again. But I’m sad and I wanted to show off. A few cubes to stack would have been fun and probably was the idea but knocked out of view of the annoyingly relatively fixed camera. Lots of little games to push your bodies for the competitive amongst you, whilst also learning about how they work.

Again, this was a great day out. Wished we had allowed more time for it and would love to go back again. Even got a new Facebook profile picture out of me posing with my new friend the sensory homunculus. Give it a try and your family can learn some things while having a lot of fun.


Foodie x x

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