Fringe dinner @ Ghillie Dhu

After a fun filled day of comedy and a few ciders and cocktails we headed to try and find somewhere to eat. We didn’t have any reservations which we knew was an error during the fringe and on a Saturday but we searched on anyway. After a good hour and a half of looking and almost ready to get the bus home and get a takeaway when we finally found somewhere that said there would be a table in 20mins. Our saviour was Ghillie Dhu.

The building is a beautiful converted church and I love how they have restored it.  It was bustling and had a nice friendly atmosphere. While waiting at the bar for our table, I decided to go the loo. I didn’t realise there was a loo on the same floor but instead saw a sign saying to go downstairs. I am really glad I did as the basement toilets were amazing! I have a bit of a thing for judging places by their loos. I think that if their toilets aren’t nice and clean what does their kitchen look like. So I am going to have a bit of a rant about these. They were huge for a start so no need to queue. There was a lovely mixture of wood mixed with funky lights to make them both fit with the building but also look incredibly modern. They were immaculate (probably because people were all going upstairs). I did go to the bar loo later and it was tiny in comparison and although done in the same style didn’t have the same wow factor. Enough about toilets! What about the food and service??

45mins went by and we still didn’t have a table. One of our party tried to catch a member of staff to ask what was happening. We eventually did and they went away for some time (while we debated leaving for that take away) and came back and said there was a table for us.

We were served by a young lady who shouted everything she said and was also quite abrupt, and while I was aware that this was a busy bar on a Sat night it wasn’t required and she came across as slightly aggressive. I think this is just who she is and is probably totally unaware of how she comes across.

We ordered our food and sat back and had some wine. My starter the cullen skink (for the non Scots it’s a smoked haddock and potato soup, a particular fave of mine) was nice although under seasoned and I needed to add salt. I wolfed it down as I was starving by this point. Our mains arrived soon after but part of the meal was missing. We were told by the member of staff delivering the food that it “wasn’t on the cheque” again abruptly as if accusing us of never ordering it and then stated that “it won’t take long to add.” Sadly when it did arrive everything else was pretty much demolished and I wavered over sending it back saying it was too late. The waitress did come back and apologise later stated it was her error that it was missed, in her usual manner.

I had the pie of the day which was steak and mushroom. I have a little pet hate about pies that are basically a dish with a pastry top only. I don’t consider this to be a pie, a pie should have pastry all round be it in a dish or not. I know this makes it massively unhealthy though. This was one of those pastry top only pies. It was well cooked. The sauce was lovely, rich and flavoursome, and the meat tender. The mushrooms however where a bit weird, I think they were shiitake with the odd button (probably had two pieces of button) which really didn’t go with the flavour or texture of the pie. The button mushroom pieces were lovely but the ?shiitake was just odd and I ended up leaving some. This is really odd for me as I am a mushroom fiend! I remember thinking “Did they put steak and mushroom on as pie of the day as they needed to use up these shiitake shrooms and and they thought… bung em in that??” The dish came with mash which was delicious and creamy and also peas which were well, peas. I also had some of the Mac and Cheese side, this was nice and a good portion for a side, although the sauce was a little runny for my taste.

We didn’t get desert and paid up. We left without leaving a tip which is really unusual for me. I am a big believer in tipping, but the service was lacking. To add some extra context, it was actually quite quiet in the restaurant area. We were told a large booking had failed to show so there were many free tables and the staff weren’t rushed off their feet.

Price: very reasonable the pie was £9.95 and starter £5.50 so pleased with that.

Verdict = Meh

Foodie x


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