Doghouse (Brewdog)

I went to meet a group of people out for a colleagues birthday after work. I had finished a 12 hour shift and was knackered and fought my way through the torrential rain and wind that actually knocked over a lady further up the street from me to get to the new brewdog in Glasgow’s Merchant City. It is the first food focused brewdog. But rather than it’s normal menu with lovely burgers which you order at the bar and is served at your table, this place had a canteen like counter where you queue up with a tray. It was Friday night and everyone was getting drunk. Unfortunately I was driving and also back up for my 6th of 7 long days at work at stupid o’clock the next day. So no fun beers for me. But I hadn’t eaten and so was intrigued by counter and the boards. I was sold when I saw Mac and Cheese.

Brisket with mac and cheese- Round one

All the items are very American grill style. You order your meat by weight and I was salivating as soon as he slammed down the hunk of Texas style beef brisket I asked for to slice my portion (£4 for 1/4lb). I then got a little pot of mac and cheese (£3) and got stuck in! It certainly hit the post work starving spot. The beef was just awesome! It was so good that I swiftly went back for seconds getting more mac and cheese but instead going for the pulled pork (£3.50 for 1/4lb), which was as good and moist pulled pork as I have had anywhere. I had by this point started a trend with some of the other people out with us joining suit. The guy sitting opposite me had the slaw which looked lovely but I hadn’t met him before so couldn’t steal a taste.

With pulled pork- round two

Totally different food than you get at their standard bars. They are also going to get some interesting artisan soda’s on tap but they were not yet up and running when we were there, although the girl on the till was enthusiastically filling me in on the talk the guy from the soda company had given them on how they source their fruit.

I was really impressed with the food from this canteen like counter, especially on a packed Friday night. I wish Brewdog well with this new style of branch. I would recommend.

Foodie xx

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