Bibi’s is a tiny little Mexican restaurant also within falling distance of my flat. Initially recommended by my cousin and his wife, I have been trying to get in here for ages. My problem has been that I have only ever decided to go last min and they are always fully booked. I have even resorted to calling to see if I could get a take out (which they do). But the kitchen has always been closed whenever I have tried them. This is even on calling at 9.15pm!!! I finally got in here with my parents for dinner after they were clever enough to book earlier in the week after our previous failed attempts.

There’s only room for a small number of covers and hence why it gets fully booked really quickly. But it is always full on the weekend, so can’t be bad! Simply decorated with Mexican bits and pieces and warm and welcoming. We were placed on a table right in the middle of the restaurant and being a small place meant we were also right in front of the door, I mean RIGHT in front of it. This wasn’t great considering the horrible weather outside but also the people coming in and out and bumping in to my father who they had to squeeze past. But I guess someone had to take the table by the door bullet and tonight it was us.

We each got a little frozen margarita shot to start which was a nice little touch. I began with the chicken mole open taco (£4.50). I have to admit I have never had mole before and this savoury spiced chocolate dish has been on my to do list for some time. I didn’t know what to expect but I really liked it. Who knew chocolate suited being savoury do much. The South Americans and their ancient predecessors obviously. I do think they should have held back a little on their tangy dressing that they seem to put on all the plates. I had to have some of the mole without the taco (which was drenched on the underside with this sauce) to actually be able to taste it, which I am glad I did as it was such an interesting flavour, the mix of spices and chocolate. Otherwise all you could taste was this sauce. Massively overpowering.


My dad had the pulled pork version and my mum had the coconut prawns (£5.50), I stole a bit of one of them and they were sweet, cooked just right and the coconut really came through. Luckily my mum didn’t seem to have any of the dreaded plate dressing demolishing all the other flavours in her dish.

For my main I again stuck with trying to not go with the kind of Mexican stuff you can get in any high street chain and went for the stew with bread (£10.95) which was a mixture of  beef, chicken, bacon, mushroom and potato in a thick spicy sauce which was very mild in terms of heat but full or flavour with a hint of sweetness to the sauce which was also thicker than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed it and ate the lot, scraping the bowl.


My mum went for steak marinaded in tequila fajitas (£13) and my dad for the tacos filled with Baja-style battered fish (£12.95). My parents are light weights so there was enough of these for me to have a lunch the following day with them. They both enjoyed their meals and I have to say they weren’t bad even reheated a day later. Although my dads tacos were still covered in “the dressing.”


Two little criticisms. When I went the loo I noticed the changing mat in the ladies. Now I know they don’t have to provide anything but if you are going to then it should be clean and their mat had quite a lot of mildew on it. I wouldn’t want to be putting that near any babies, especially as it can cause various health problems in those with weak immune systems. Sorry, slightly bringing out the day job in me there. The second was again with something that they didn’t need to provide but I’m going to whinge anyway. I hate waste. I am hugely in to recycling. There isn’t really a good way to provide a take away carton but at least the standard plastic tubs can be reused (we all have a cupboard full of em). We were given polystyrene boxes here which I had to throw away. I know, I know. I am being a total pedant mentioning it. But if someone happens to read this blog and change their practices then it’s worth it. Saving the world one take out box at a time!!

If you are looking for a Mexican in the Glasgow area that doesn’t just rehash the standard Anglo-Mexican food we are all used to I would really recommend this place. The two dishes I had were delicious and were nothing like the Mexican food I have had in this country before.

Foodie xx


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