This is a place on the top floor of Princes Square, probably my favourite little shopping mall, it’s just really pretty. Although most of the shops are out of my price range. I have been here about 4 times before for the afternoon tea, which is brilliant and a total bargain as it’s loads more than any normal person can possibly eat and you get some prosecco. But that’s not what I had this time.

I came here in late November when the parents were again up for their Christmas present drop off to the rellies trip. We went to do some Christmas shopping and decided to pop here for a quick spot of lunch.

Now every time I have eaten my afternoon tea here I have looked round at people eating their hearty looking soups and chunky sarnies and thought that I really need to try them one day. This was the perfect day. We had dinner booked for later (review to follow), so we didn’t want to have anything massive and it was also cold and torrential rain. So we were all in the mood for something to warm us up. All three of us went for the cullen skink. Well, we were in a Scottish fayre cafe.

It was creamy, hearty, well seasoned and frankly delicious. I received a good amount of fish and potato in mine but I can’t say it was as well mixed for my folks. My mum didn’t get much in the way of spuds and my dad commented that he only got one piece of fish. I traded him some of mine. We did all really enjoy it though and it was another case of “I ate it so quickly I forgot to take a photo.”


When the waitress came over to ask how the food was however, he did mention “my portion only had one piece of fish.” She totally ignored him. I don’t think this was intentional, I think that she was distracted collecting up out plates and it was noisy and she probably wasn’t expecting us to say anything other than “great thanks.” But I did think this was a little disappointing and bugged us more than the lack of fish. He wasn’t expecting anything to be done for him, he just wanted to feed it back.

I think all three of us would agree that we would recommend the food. Both from this visit and our past afternoon tea visits. We also couldn’t fault the rest of our service in this visit. It is just a shame about that one small thing.

Foodie xx


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