This was an interesting visit. I went  here for a date. It was very early in the evening, just after 6, for a date. The guy I was meeting had a friend over in Glasgow from Paris that evening only and so we met early so he could see him later. With both of us working shifts this was the only time we could squeeze in a date between late November and after Christmas. To set the scene this was a second date. We were lucky to get a table as the place was rammed. We were at the Dumbarton road branch.

As they are a bit of a grill place in the evening I had to go for the fillet steak (£24.95). I think the price was pretty average for fillet steak and I added the peppercorn sauce for (£1.95). He had the Robert De Niro burger (£7.95).

Now it gets a little interesting. The friend rings and says he ended up getting an earlier train and is in Glasgow. So…. he ends up joining us. He didn’t eat and just joined me with the red wine. Although I wouldn’t have touched the friend with a massive stick I tried to make him welcome and make it a little less awkward with him having rocked up to a second date. However the date took umbrage to this and it transpires got a little jealous. I just thought he randomly decided to turn into a (keep it clean, keep it clean) unpleasant gentleman. So this gave a little sour taste to the evening.

In spite of the dating disaster I will try to focus on the food. I asked for my steak medium rare and it was beautifully done. The peppercorn sauce was silky and creamy without it’s pepperiness overpowering everything. The onion rings were in no way greasy and the fries were crisp and salty. It was a lovely steak and well worth the extra I paid for it.

The staff were also great with the guy who seemed to be in charge having a good chat with us. They were also really good about us table swopping to accommodate the extra member to the party last min.

In spite of the dating debacle, from what I experienced having only had one course I would like to try it again! And as for the steak I certainly would recommend. I must come back for one of their legendary (after nightshift) breakfasts.

Foodie xx


2 thoughts on “Tribeca

    1. I tried to get Mr F to go there with me for breakfast the other day but he talked me in to elsewhere 🙂 It’s firmly on the “to do” list.


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