The Golden Jubilee Hotel (Beardmore) Lounge

A quick entry. I stopped in here with a couple of colleagues after work for a quick bite to eat. It’s worth mentioning that we were in the lounge area not the proper restaurant where the menu looks decidedly more elaborate and I would like to come back and try the proper restaurant menu at some point.
I ordered the trio of sliders as they sounded amazing. Beef and Monterey Jack Cheese, Chicken and Thyme, Pork and Apple, with Hand-Cut Chips and Onion Rings (£10.75). When they arrived they looked brilliant. They were all on a brioche bun which was one of tastiest brioche burger buns I have had in a while and each had some lettuce and creamy mayo. The pork one was my favourite with the melt in your mouth yummy pork patty, although I didn’t really notice the apple. I presume it was in with the meat as there was no trace of an apple sauce, just the mayo. The beef burger was also yummy with deliciously melted cheese on top, both it and the chicken burger were a little dry. But overall they were nice and definitely filled a gap. The onion rings were great and not over greasy. The chips looked like they were going to be soft and just melt in your mouth and I have to say I was salivating looking at them, but they were a little harder than they looked. Not to say they weren’t nice. I’m nit picking.



I scoffed the lot and had to wave goodbye to the others as I had to head home. As I said earlier, I would like to come back and try the proper restaurant menu as I suspect that is a whole different ball game.

Foodie xx

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