The Left Bank

Another day another pre night shift meal, although this time it was my turn to do the work. It was another lovely evening and I met Mr F at the left bank after his session at the gym. He looked so tanned I was incredibly jealous of his skins ability. I do nothing in the sun. I once spent 6 weeks in Mauritius (work related, sadly not an uber long holiday. Ok maybe some of it was) and I hardly looked like I had been away when I got back. Plus he looked hot. Always nice to have a bit of eye candy at dinner.

I have only been to this place once before, a few years ago on a date with a horrendously posh soldier, I can remember being slightly embarrassed every time he opened his mouth to talk to the waiter. Other than that I remembered that the food was good. I think I had something gamey maybe. I dunno. My parents also liked it when they visited here so thought it was a good shout for an early dinner.

As it was another rushed affair there was only time for mains, we were sat upstairs and we were in a secluded corner alone. The freshly cut flowers on the tables adding a little feminine touch to the otherwise modern loft style decor.

We were served by a hipster guy that told us we needed to come back for some of his cocktails. I have heard good things form other people about the cocktails in this place. But alas tonight was a work night so no alcohol for me. He had some good chat and told us about his leather holster type thing that he made himself for all his work bits and bobs.

I ordered the chilli as it describes itself as “cook off winning” and was cheap at £9.50. Mr F also went for one of the cheaper mains with the Goan Chicken at £9.95.

Both meals were a good hearty portion and had rustic look to them. I liked the crispy onion on the rice with the curry and the large tortilla chips with the chilli adding some interest to the look.

left bank 1

The chilli was a little bit under seasoned but become really tasty when I added some salt. it had a really generous coverage of tasty cheese on top. I would have liked a little more sour cream as I polished it off a little too quickly. The chilli itself had lots of beans in it and lovely large pieces of pulled pork. It was simple but nice. Flavour wise the tortilla chips didn’t really add anything other than looking good and a bit of texture. It was a lovely filling tasty chilli but I’m not sure I would have quite had it down as award winning.

The Goan curry was creamy and rich and filling and Mr F seemed to like it. The beetroot on the top added a little colour and a nice fresh crunch. It was simple and tasty.

leftbank 3
Goan Chicken

Both dishes were nice but lacked a bit of wow factor that I vaguely remember getting when I came here before. Maybe it’s because we both ordered off the cheaper “All day mains” as we weren’t sitting down for a relaxed evening eating but rather just getting some sustenance for me before a 12hr night shift. It might have been a different experience if we had gone with something from the standard evening menu??

Maybe one to revisit with some cocktails?
Foodie x x

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