A day out in Liverpool: Revolution and Oh Me Oh My


On a midweek day out in Liverpool with my mother and my nephew Arthur to go to Mattel Play at the Albert dock we decided to pop in to Revolution at the dock for some breakfast before heading in. It’s been a long time since I have had any food in a Revolution and I can’t remember ever having had breakfast there. In fact I think the last time I was in a Revolution was when I hired a room in one for my 30th and the buffet they put on was brilliant.

It was early and not long after they had started serving breakfast. The lovely waitress (I am afraid I didn’t catch her name but she had curly blonde hair and a North American accent) brought my nephew over some colouring things and he was delighted as he was itching to get up to some fun and wasn’t best pleased this was being delayed while we ate. He didn’t understand that our tickets to Mattel Play didn’t allow us entry until a little later.

crap liv 1
Arthur getting down to some serious colouring!

We ordered some coffees and an orange juice for the little one. The milk was served in little milk bottles like those I talked about in my paper cup post. My mum mentioned that they were like the ones she had at school and I seem to recall a vague memory of having similar when I was about 5 at primary school in the 80s.

crap liv 2
Lovely tea pots and mini milk bottles

Mum ordered the full english (£8.95) and a spare plate so that she could share it with Arthur and I went for the mushroom, spinach and halloumi benny (£7).

crap liv 4
Mushroom, spinach and halloumi benny

We were informed that they had ran out of chives to go on mine which I said was fine and our food arrived. Looking at my plate as it was presented it looked nice, although I can see that the lack of chives made it seem a bit beige. Although on turning the plate I saw that one of the two eggs was pretty much raw and the yolk had separated from the white and was down the side of the plate with the raw white kinda dispersed about the bread. The other egg was a little better done but still a great deal of the white was uncooked. It was a shame as the rest of it was nice. The hollandaise, garlic and thyme mushrooms, spinach and halloumi went well together. But I had to eat them after scraping a load of raw egg white off the plate.

crap liv 5
Watch out for the hidden raw egg tho, and the one on top wasn’t much better

My mums was the opposite, her eggs were a little rubbery and she thought that they might have been under a warmer prior to being served and we speculated that the problem with mine might have been that it had been rushed as my mums was ready early?? Otherwise her breakfast was good, the hash brown was very nice, crisp and tasty without being overly greasy. The sausage was delicious and my nephew agreed.

crap liv 3
Full English

It was a real shame about the eggs which spoilt what would otherwise have been a lovely breakfast. I cannot complement the waitress enough though. She was brilliant with the toddler and very apologetic when I mentioned the eggs but that we didn’t have time with our tickets to wait for a replacement. She took the price of mine off the bill. Excellent customer service from her.

We went on to have a wonderful time at Mattel Play. My nephew loved it. I would recommend going on a weekday as I imagine it would be really busy at the weekend and we were competing with a lot of other toddlers for things. There was lots of lessons in queueing and sharing. I think it would be a nightmare on a holiday or a weekend.

We had planned to have afternoon tea before heading back home. We headed to Oh Me Oh My as it is just over the road from the Albert Dock and we had heard good things. We looked at the menu outside, afternoon tea listed. Note there was nothing here about needing to book in advance for the afternoon tea.

We went in and waited a ridiculous amount of time at the door being ignored by all the staff. Some other ladies entered after us and joined us in our being ignored at the doorway. When we finally had someone approach us we were seated on the end of a table with two business men at the other end and presented with some menus. The chairs were quite wobbly and we noticed another lady nervously telling her other half her chair was really wobbly also.

crap liv 8
Lovely room from the one angle, if a little too sparsely placed tables.

We noticed that the afternoon tea in the table menu said that you had to book in advance. No mention of this on the menu outside. We asked the waiter. Nope, not a chance. You have to book to have the afternoon tea. We were really thirsty so we ordered some drinks as we were there, which just turned in to being an expensive drink getting escapade as we declined to stay for food. We had our heart set on afternoon tea.  My mums pink lemonade was beautifully presented with rose petals. Sadly the cup for my earl grey wasn’t exactly sparkling.

crap liv 6
Pretty lemonade with rose petals
crap liv 7
Dirty mug

The building was impressive but parts of it appeared a bit neglected, like the balcony area that looked like it was set up for a bad 80s wedding reception. The people that did have afternoon tea did seem to have a nicely set up table and lovely treats and I imagine they had a nice experience. There was a couple that we saw enter and be sat down at a ready set up table with a tea tasting box. Anyone who knows me knows I love my tea. I probably have about 15 different ones in my cupboard at the moment. I think I would have liked it had of gone differently.

crap liv 9
But hiding an 80’s wedding reception disco

My main criticisms are the very slow service to be seated and the complete lack of any indicator that afternoon tea is strictly by advanced booking, especially as they advertise it on the menus outside. We wouldn’t have bothered going in otherwise.

crap liv 10
You what now? We need to book ahead?

By the time we left my nephew was getting a bit fractious so we left the city and stopped off at M&S on the way home for sandwich things and cakes and made our own lovely afternoon tea in the comfort of my mums living room.

Foodie x x

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