Glasgow Mela

Quick entry from a fleeting visit to the Glasgow Mela. This is Scotland’s biggest free multicultural festival and features lots of free shows and acts with dancing, etc, from all over the world. There were all sorts of stalls for things from mental health charities promoting awareness to ones selling international nicknacks. I know it was a week ago, sorry I am so behind guys. I went to the Mela with friends Luke and Izi for a quick visit prior to heading in to town as we had tickets for the cinema. We had about an hour and a half but our progress in getting to the action was impeded by a Pokemon hunt around the university.  Yes we are all in our 30s and we were trying to catch Pokemon. While on our hunt we came across some lovely little wild flower gardens basically down university back alleys which made a really good use of some unused space.

mela 1
Wild flowers
mela 2
Such a lovely find


When we did arrive at the Mela, Luke grabbed a double venison cheese burger from “Name of the Game” a burger van which seemed to specialise in more gamey meats. Luke’s comment was “It’s pretty damn good for a burger van.” I had a little taste and it was yummy, juicy and nice. I agreed, alright for a burger van. I’m sorry, I don’t know how much it was.

mela 5
Venison burger

Izi and I shared some tacos from Tin Can Tacos. It was a selection of 4 different flavours for £7.50. They were 4 little tacos, but enough for us each to have a good few mouthfuls of each. They were peanut and ginger chicken, red thai pork, coriander chilli salmon and garlic and lime tofu.

mela 3

The Tofu (which I’m not a huge fan of generally) was creamy and soft with a sweet, spicy, hot sauce. The chicken was nice if a little dry with an almost 5 spice flavour. The salmon was lovely and succulent and full of umami yumminess with a slight kick from the chilli. The pork was also very well cooked, juicy and had a delicious thai spiced flavour. The dish as a whole was lovely for again a van at a culture event.

mela 4

We watched a bit of dancing from different acts and thought about getting some more food but the queues were so big we had to give it a miss as we were going to be late for the cinema. Shame, there were so many other great looking places. Particularly some of the Indian food. Another time…..


Foodie x x

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